A 100 years ago the British empire had tons of them, In 2021 it is harder to point out who is a revolutionary.

The British empire was at its peak, a trailer of America’s might was displayed in the first world war and India existed as prized possession of the…

Understanding what it takes to actually get a transaction going on ETH

Intro: What is Ethereum & ETH?
Ethereum is this huge network of computers, donating their resources to perform tasks. These computers need incentives in order to do these tasks, they are paid in Ether or ETH (1ETH = $2763…

NYC is about to witness it’s startup factory put up an exhibition on Friday

The Cornell Tech campus on Roosevelt Island, New York City

Cornell Tech is an ambitious experiment aimed at making New York a tech town. It was founded in 2011 by Cornell & Technion . 9 years later, in the middle of the covid crisis, our spirits…

Bharat Gandhi

Product Management, Entrepreneurship, All things Tech & Business. Cornell Tech’s Connective Media class of 2021

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